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ProtonMail - "The attack is said to have been 500 Gbps, which would be among the largest DDoS's on record."

"The Commodore 64. Under $300.

You can't buy a better computer at twice the price."


I picked up a book called The Shortest History of Germany recently, now that my DNA results have me 81% German. That’s another story. However, the first couple of chapters of the book talk about limes, foederati, Franks, Goths and more. An excellent background reading for #gmtgames Times of Crisis. Probably a few more of their games as history marches on...
#bgg #boardgamegeek #history #germany

Just to reiterate because it's not obvious from the excerpt, Smyte is some kind of anti-harrassment API that a lot of large platforms (like npm and zendesk) were using. Twitter acquired it as a solution to their own harrassment problem and immediately shut everyone's access off, even though many companies had multi-year contracts with them! 😂

"While Twitter had earlier told TechCrunch that it would be “winding down” Smyte’s business with existing clients, what that apparently meant was that it was going to announce the acquisition, then effectively shut off the lights over at Smyte and leave everyone in the lurch."

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